Below I have listed a series of 10 sites that I think are essential for for any successful flash developer and a great resource for just about anything to do with flash. These are not put in any particular order because every site has something different to add. If I missed one from the list that you think is important, please comment so we can build a more complete list.

1. – A website that hosts many open source flash projects ranging from command-line tools, actionscript libraries, compilers, etc…just about everything you would need to accomplish any task with flash or a combination of flash and other server-side languagues….highly recommend by me….definitely check it out.

2. – Another great resource for flash (especially for high-end solutions to problems, many concentrated around amfphp. If you every get stuck with a tricky situation, definitely try this site as one of your first.

3. – Another great resource for flash developers with tons of movies, components, audio files, as well as a very rich forum of members.

4. – adobe’s own development site for flash developers…you’ll be surprised how much information you can actually get from this site. Come on, who better to go to with flash development issues, than the company who actually creates the software.

5. – An indispensable site for anyone working on a flash project under tight deadlines…this site is full of working flash files, audio, etc. that is production-ready out of the box…definitely give the site a shot…at a couple bucks a pop, you just can’t go wrong.