For all of you who ever wanted to display Google Analytics reports on your site without much hassle, I may have a solution for you.

Laid out below is a set of simple instructions as well as fla’s and swf’s which I developed that you can use to show your Google Analytics visitor overview report to drive potential ad revenue, give clients an easy way to see their own analytics without logging into Google, or any other positive reason. The method takes only 3 steps to setup and upload so it takes only about 3 minutes to complete this process.

Click Here to see a sample report!

STEP 1. Log into Google Analytics and get the “visitor overview” report. — The visitor overview report can be gotten by logging into Google Analytics, clicking on the “View Reports” for the desired site, and finally clicking on the “visitors” link in the left-hand navigation once you have chosen the site. Once you have clicked the visitors link you should have in front of your a page titled “Visitors Overview with three options below (Export, Email, and Add to Dashboard). Click “Export” and you will be presented with 4 different ways to save your report. Choose “XML” and save this file to your desktop as “visitors_overview.xml”. It is important that you save the file with this name as flash will look for that specific file name when it loads the data.

Side Note: To make this process more streamlined, Google Analytics can email you this report on a set schedule which you decide….to do this simply click on the email link and click “schedule.” This means that you’ll never have to log into Google Analytics to retrieve this report again.

STEP 2. Getting the flash files to display the data:
Select the appropriate flash file. Each file comes zipped with accompanying sample XML document.

Complete SummaryDownload Here | View Sample
Site Overview OnlyDownload Here | View Sample
Page Stats OnlyDownload Here | View Sample

Lastly, simply embed the flash file in a web page and upload that with your “visitors_overview.xml” document in the same directory and you’re all set!

Get the FLA File!
If you feel like you can do a better job with this flash file, want to modify it, customize it, or just want to see how it works, click here to download the source fla file and enjoy.

Legal stuff below.
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